Prescribed Burning Planned on the North Fork and Moose Creek Ranger Districts

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Grangeville, ID –Fire Staff on the North Fork Ranger District of the Clearwater National Forest will be initiating ignition operations (August 12) on Long Creek and Pollack Ridge. On Saturday, plans are to begin aerial ignition operations on both Long Creek and Pollack Ridge simultaneously (pending smoke approval). Fire staff are hoping to achieve 1000+ acres with ignition operations.

North Fork Fire Management Officer Mike Lubke said, “We will be targeting bug kill areas in a year that has seen above normal precipitation in the project areas. Fuel conditions are wetter than in past years (140% of average precipitation). We will be monitoring fire movement and looking for opportunities to apply additional fire to the landscape in order to meet prescribed fire objectives such as rejuvenating browse and creating openings for big game forage.”

Fire will be applied to areas within these units, once this fire is established, it will be allowed to move and spread until the season ending event. Subsequent ignitions may occur later to complete the unit. It is expected the fire will remain active and continue to burn within the project area for several days to several week’s time.

Fire staff plans on igniting the units by using hand and aerial ignition sources. The aerial ignition will be accomplished using a helicopter and a “Primo Mark III” plastic sphere dispenser.

Missoula Fire Weather forecasts mostly clear, warm and dry weather Thursday through Monday.

Zone Fire Staff are coordinating with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Montana DEQ, and Missoula County DEQ to determine when the burning can be allowed.

Forest Service staff appreciates the public’s cooperation and understanding during these prescribed burning efforts.
For more information, contact Mike Lubke at the North Fork Ranger District at (208) 476-4541.

Fire Staff on the Moose Creek Ranger District of the Nez Perce National Forest are planning to start ignition operations on O’Hara Creek next Monday/Tuesday (August 15/16) primarily to establish a buffer zone before igniting 1000+ acres.

The O’Hara Creek Burn is one of the many high priority projects in the Selway-Middle Fork Project Area, which is funded by the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP).

The Clearwater Basin Collaborative and Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests collaborated to produce a comprehensive restoration strategy for the 1.4-million-acre Selway-Middle Fork ecosystem in north-central Idaho. Approximately 90% of the burn areas are within Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas of Lowell, ID.

The primary objective for this burn is to reintroduce fire into a dependent ecosystem to improve ecosystem health and reduce catastrophic fire events in the future. Fuel conditions are wetter than average (similar to the North Fork).

Moose Creek Fire Staff are also planning to light the Fenn Face Prescribed Fire Project later in August (1000+ acres).
For more information, contact Matt Young at the Moose Creek Ranger District at (208) 926-8948.