Payette National Forest Prescribed Fire Season

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Prescribed Fire Season is Underway on the Payette National Forest

McCall, Idaho – The Payette National Forest will continue to ignite prescribed fire as weather conditions become favorable again.  A few weeks ago, the Forest was able to ignite prescribed fires on the Weiser, Council and New Meadows Ranger Districts.  While burning will continue on those Districts, the McCall and Krassel Ranger Districts are expected to ignite prescribed fire as early as this weekend.

Prescribed fire is an important component of natural resource management and part of the comprehensive fire management program on the Payette National Forest.  Prescribed fire restores vegetation and fuel conditions, recycles nutrients and improves forest resiliency to wildland fire; all of which are critical to these fire-dependent forest of our area.

“We successfully applied fire to 3,000 acres within the Rapid River drainage which is an area on the New Meadows Ranger District that had not had fire pass through it in a very long time,” said Dustin Doane, Fire Management Specialist for the Forest’s Central Zone.  “Getting fire back on the landscape is an important part of forest restoration, and community protection against wildland fire.”

The Forest is planning to ignite the following prescribed fire projects this week if weather conditions are favorable and as predicted:

Crooked River– 2,200 acres, near Lafferty Campground 15 miles northwest of Council.  Possibly ignition on Friday, May 2nd.  This is the remaining acres of a project that was started during the last window of good weather, and will be accomplished with the use of a helicopter using a Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD) and plastic spheres commonly referred to as “ping pong balls,” and fire personnel on the ground.

Bald Hill Unit G– 1,500 acres, 1 mile west of Yellowpine.  Possibly this weekend May 3rd and 4th.  This fire will be ignited by PSD and ground based fire personnel.

Meadows Slope – 250 acres, northeast slopes of the Meadows Valley and visible from New Meadows.  Possible ignition this Thursday through Sunday, May 4th by ground based fire personnel.

East Fork of Lost Creek – 400 acres, 9 miles northwest of New Meadows.  Possible ignition this Thursday through Sunday, May 4th by ground based fire personnel.  Prescribed burning will continue through May.  Trail heads and roads that lead into these areas will be posted with caution signs.  Fire personnel will insure that smoke impacts are minimized.  The decision to ignite on any given day will depend on favorable weather conditions and the need to reduce smoke effects as much as possible.  Smoke from these prescribed fires will be much less than what would be expected from a wildfire.  Residual smoke may be visible from stumps and logs for up to 2 weeks following ignition, but most of the smoke from the fires will dissipate 1-2 days after ignition.

For more information, please call:  Council RD: 253-0100; Krassel RD: 634-0974; McCall RD: 634-0400; New Meadows RD: 347-0300; Weiser RD: 549-4200