Krassel Ranger District Spring Burns Just Around the Corner

Posted by swidrxfire - April 25, 2011 - Fire Update, News - No Comments

McCall, ID – The Krassel Ranger District of the Payette National Forest plans to conduct prescribed burns in the vicinity of Yellow Pine later this spring.  Depending on weather conditions, the burns could take place anytime from now to mid-June.

The Bald Hill planned burn area (approx. 1500 acres) is East of Yellow Pine off the East Fork Road.  The Eiguren Ranch planned burn area (approx. 50 acres) is West of Yellow Pine.  Local roads will be posted with caution signs and maps of the prescribed burn locations.

Fire personnel will work closely with the Idaho/Montana Airshed Group, the National Weather Service, and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to insure that smoke impacts are minimized.

Prescribed fire is an important component of natural resource management on the Payette National Forest, and part of the comprehensive fire management program on the Krassel Ranger District.  This particular prescribed fire will rejuvenate shrubs and grasses, which will improve habitat for browse, upland game birds and small mammals.  Reducing fuels that have accumulated as a result of fire suppression over the past 100 years also promotes long-term ecosystem sustainability by reducing the risk of high-severity wildland fire and introduces a mosaic of fire intensities into this fire-adapted ecosystem.


On the Bald Hill burn, ignition will occur primarily with helicopters and a helibase will be established at the Johnson Creek Airstrip.  The Eiguren Ranch burn will be ignited by firefighters on the ground.  At any time the prescribed fire is not meeting the goals and objectives of the project, ignitions will stop until proper conditions exist to proceed.

Smoke sensitive individuals may call the Paul Klasner or Tom Bates at 208-634-0600 with any concerns they may have about the planned prescribed fires.