Fall Burning Program Planned

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BOISE, Idaho – With wetter conditions and cooler weather, Boise National Forest fire managers plan to start their annual fall prescribed burning program. Approximately 3000 acres are planned for burning, which could occur at various times for several weeks depending on weather and fuel conditions. Fire crews anticipate favorable weather conditions next week in the higher elevations to begin igniting low-intensity prescribed fires that reduce potential wildfire fuel.

Specific information is available by contacting the local ranger districts, the Boise National Forest Headquarters at 208-373-4100, on the web at www.rxfire.com, or by calling the prescribed fire hotline at 208-373-4208. Fire officials strongly advise hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts to determine the location and anticipated times of burns before leaving their homes.

Lowman Ranger District program:

  • Sam’s Pine (500 acres) – The burn will be ignited through the use of a helicopter and a plastic sphere dispenser (PSD) machine which drop chemically filled “ping pong” balls that ignite moments after hitting the ground. The burn objective is to reduce excessive fuel that could feed an intense wildfire in the summer, while restoring fire adapted ponderosa pine habitat. This burn is located in the Deadwood river drainage 6 miles north of its confluence with the South Fork Payette River.
  • Bear Creek (200 acres)- This burn will also be ignited using a helicopter and PSD machine with the same objectives as Sam’s Pine. The burn is located near Grand Jean and encompasses the Bear Creek drainage.
  • Elk Creek Guard Station (4 acres) – Located off Forest Service Road 579 approximately 18 miles northwest of the Boundary Creek turn-off at State Highway 21. This burn unit is within the Elk Creek Guard Station with a focus to eliminate slash piles from an earlier hazard tree removal project.
  • Clear Creek Slash Piles (86 acres) – This burn will eliminate tree slash piles stemming from an earlier hazardous fuels reduction project. The site is located along Forest Service Road 545 approximately 6 miles north of Lowman, ID.
  • Deadwood Campgrounds (36 acres)– This project will eliminate tree slash piles located within Barney’s, Hower’s, and Riverside and Cozy Cove campgrounds.       The slash was generated from hazard tree removal and a Mountain Pine Beetle containment project.
  • Bear Valley and Lowman Corridor – Miscellaneous slash piles will be burned in scattered areas.
  • Low Rock Timber Sale (277 Acres)Tree slash remaining after a logging sale will be burned along Forest Service Road 594.

Cascade Ranger District program:

  • Horsethief (360 acres) – This project is located 1.5 miles east of Horsethief Reservoir and it will be ignited using a helicopter to reduce fuel and improve big game habitat.
  • Crawford East (68 acres) – Located 4 miles east of Cascade it will be ignited by hand with a goal to reduce fuel and improve WUI protection.
  • Westside Restoration Pile Burn (70 acres) – Located near the junction with West Mountain Road and Campbell Creek Boat Ramp, the project will burn slash piles in the area to improve WUI protection and forest restoration.
  • Brush Boulder (42 acres) – Located north of No Business Lookout along Forest Service road 185, the project will burn slash piles remaining after logging operations to reduce excessive fuel.
  • West Mountain North (71 acres) – Located just below No Business Lookout along Forest Service Road 186, 186A, the project will burn slash piles to reduce fuel and prepare the site for replanting.

Idaho City Ranger District program:

  • Warm Spring Ridge (200 acres) – The project site is located 3 miles west of Idaho City and the unit will be ignited with hand ignition to reduce fuel and threats to the WUI.
  • Miscellaneous Slash Pile Burning (250 acres) –Fire crews will ignite various slash piles stemming from forest operations at locations within the ranger district.

Emmett Ranger District program:

  • Miscellaneous Slash Pile Burning (100 acres) – Most of the burning will take place north of Crouch in the Middle Fork Payette River area.

Mountain Home Ranger District program:

  • Boise Ridge (250 acres) – Project area is located near Shafer Butte off of Bogus Basin Road and it will involve slash pile burning.

Signs will be posted on roads near all burn areas prior to and when burning is in progress.

Site-specific burn plans have been developed to address potential smoke management concerns. All burns will be conducted when there is favorable atmospheric ventilation to minimize smoke impacts to local communities. Local residents may notice smoke from these prescribed burn projects for a few days following ignition, particularly in the evening hours. Fire personnel will attempt to contact people who might be hunting or recreating in an area before a planned ignition. Recreating public impacts are anticipated to be very minimal. (end)